Crank Up The Rewards!

National Restaurant Association

The Power of Good Communication And Staying "Top of Mind"

Example: 2000 Members
(National Average Is 4-5 Extra Visits per Year Per Member)
In This Example:
Just One Extra Visit Per Customer Per Year       2000 Extra Visits
x $20 (Average Check)            $ 40,000
Sales            $ 40,000
Deduct Food Cost (30%)            (12,000)
Profit            $ 28,000

Watch Reward Blaster Revenue Grow By The Week

As new members signup online, your membership will grow and your revenue will increase. Our reporting details the direct correlation between Reward Blaster promotions, redemptions and growth in your overall revenue. As your member list grows, the worth of the business will go up as well.

Watch Reward Blaster Visits Increase By The Week

As your membership grows your number of visits will increase each week. See the direct correlation between Reward Blaster visits have to Reward Blaster revenue and overall revenue. As Reward Blaster visits go up, overall revenue goes up.

Your Money Keeps Growing!

Watch Your Investment Grow!

Watch Your Investment Grow!